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Nikos Basias
Nikos Basias - Photographer

Lotos history begins in 1988, in Sougia, a small fishing village on South Chania.

Nikos Basias crated, in private place, a small café because he is keen on music and good cocktails. Nikos is a teacher of physics and he created the café because he wanted to have fun with friends on summer holidays. From day one, people loved and embraced Lotos, the friends became many and Lotos has grown holding always the good quality.

Nikos is also an award-winning photographer with successes and awards in international photography competitions. He teaches photography. he is travelling a lot, he has a lot of experience and he likes to stay to the best places. So, he decided to share his knowledge and in 1993 he created a space for travelers who love the affordable luxury. The name is Lotos Seaside Hotel and it’s like the café, in front of the sea in Sougia.

The continue of this successful course is Lotos Luxury Apartments in Chania , enjoy them.

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Lotos Seaside Hotel

Lotos Seaside Hotel